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Injustice 2. Diana tries to follow him, but is caught in the wake of the explosion and sent back to Earth. Once again, it falls upon the Regime to restore peace and order. Then I will return to Themyscira -- and deal with my sisters. Select Installments.

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13/08/ · Premium Masterline Injustice 2 Wonder Woman Deluxe Version. Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the latest addition to the Premium Masterline Series. 1/4 Scale PMDCIJDX: Wonder Woman Deluxe Version from the spectacular fighting game by NetherRealm studios: Injustice 2. Princess Diana of Themyscira, also known Wonder Woman, is the main tritagonist in the Injustice . 14/08/ · The new 1/4 scale Injustice 2 Wonder Woman statue will come in Standard, Deluxe, and Limited versions that will include various swap out parts. . 22/07/ · 41 videos Play all uncagedgamez Injustice 2 trailers Reaction The_Zombie_God Xbox vs. PlayStation 3 | Battle of a Generation - Scott The Woz - .

Injustice 2 wonder woman

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